Welcome to the QRI Lifestyle Member Benefits Program

Providing you and your family with valuable savings all year round!

As a QRI Lifestyle Member, you can enjoy more than 4,500 exciting offers including local cafes, restaurants, take-away and pubs, hotels and apartments, attractions, groceries, petrol and much more across Australia and New Zealand.

Your QRI Lifestyle Membership entitles you to the following Frequent Values offers:

  • 20% off dining all year round!
  • 50% off your next hotel stay with a minimum of 10% off the best rate available to the general public.
  • Print vouchers online from leading national attractions, local activities, popular take away outlets and more.
  • Reduced prices on magazine subscriptions, floral arrangements, gift baskets, travel insurance, dry cleaning and much more, just by being a Member.

Don't forget to visit this website regularly to view new and exciting offers so you can enjoy the many rewards of the QRI Lifestyle Member Benefits Program!

Savings Calculator

Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you could save just by using the QRI Lifestyle Member Benefits Program.

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